The Sacco is managed by a board of committee comprising 12 elected members at an annual general meeting held every financial year. A third of the committee do retire every financial year but they are eligible for re-election.
The board of committee is divided into two segments namely:The management committee comprising of 9 elected members :The Supervisory committee comprising of 3 elected members

  • Fredrick Muganda -Chairman
  • Aggrey ochieng – V.CHAIRMAN
  • Boniface Mung’ata -Treasurer
  • Josephine Tsiyeri -Hon.Secretary
  • John Okongo- Credit committe chairman
  • Dorothy Chebet- Credit Committee Secretary
  • Constance Shijende- Credit committee Member
  • Aggrey Ochieng -Training committee chairman
  • Peris Obati -Training commitee Secretary
  • Jacqueline Okello- Organising Secretary
  • Henry Were -Supervisory Committee Chairman
  • Benard Ouma ondos -Supervisory Committee secretary
  • Paul Masibo- Supervisory Committee member